Scope of BIM in Nepal

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Scope Of Bim In Nepal

Are you a plus two graduate from Nepal who just completed your intermediate level studies? You might be looking through various programs for your undergraduate studies and still not sure which one is the best for you. Some of you might be thinking of continuing your further studies overseas while you might also be looking for a good Bachelor’s degree program in Nepal. You must be going through a lot of questions in your head and seeking every best solution wherever available. Next four years and the career path of your life is in your hands and now is time to plan and pave the best way forward.

Tribhuvan University, which is among the top universities in Nepal, offers several courses under each faculty and institutes. Even though each program has their respective scope and career opportunities in the future, it might be challenging for you to decide and pick the right one. Students coming from a management background in their intermediate level mostly prioritize degrees and courses like BIM, BBA, and CA. However, it is never easy deciding on an ideal course or degree that you would fit in. If you are from the science stream, it can be even more challenging for you to decide on a particular program as there are a lot of options available for you. Students from the science stream are more likely to pursue pure or applied science courses for their Bachelor’s Degree like Bsc.CSIT . Nevertheless, many students coming from the science stream are also opting for management courses in the Bachelors.

BIM (Bachelors of Information Management), a four years degree program offered by the Tribhuvan University, can be the ideal choice for students coming from management or science background who want to explore the world of Information Technology (IT), Business Management, Economics, and so on. The program requires you to pass the CMAT examination conducted by the Tribhuvan University for enrollment to any of the constituent or affiliate colleges. You must have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized institute with minimum second division or equivalent to become eligible for a BIM Degree. The program is conducted under the Faculty of Management, TU and is based on the semester system.


The entire curriculum of the BIM program is designed based on both business management and IT courses. Comparing to a BBA graduate, a BIM graduate will have additional knowledge about Information Technology, including the business and management knowledge. You will learn and get real insights into the foundations of organizational management, accounting, business, economics, programming, networking, database management, data analysis, and more. In a nutshell, BIM prepares you to become a manager who is aware of the Information Technology and able to use and implement best IT practices. You can become a programmer and develop systems to solve modern problems. It is not limited to this as you can become an entrepreneur and start your own venture, a freelancer who can work with a flexible schedule from home and become the self-manager for your own project, and more. BIM Graduates can pursue their career both in the IT or business fields. Having that said, it solely depends on your dedication and willingness, and it is you who is going to create opportunities for yourself.if you are intrested in BSW  then you can learn more about Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BSW) here.

If you are convinced to pursue the BIM course for your Bachelor’s degree, you can contact Orchid International College to know more about the admission process and the CMAT examination. The BIM course is offered by Orchid International College, which is one of the top affiliated colleges of the Tribhuvan University to pursue your BIM degree in Nepal, along with the constituent Shanker Dev Campus and other affiliate colleges. Sixty-four seats are available in every college for enrollment in BIM degree. Secure your place ahead of fulfillment. Learn more about the admission here.