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Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

Affiliated Under Tribhuvan University (T.U) Kritipur

BBM college in Kathmandu Nepal
Table of Contents
Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) is a four year (eight semester) degree course of Tribhuvan University. The main objective of this degree is to provide the student with the skills necessary to perform leadership roles in the business and corporate world. This course emphasizes much more on leadership and management skills development. The program covers 120 credit hours.Students who want to enroll for BBM Program must pass the CMAT examination.  More than 47 Business Schools of Nepal offers Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) program with affiliation from Tribhuvan University. Are you interested for finding which is best bbs college in kathmandu ? Orchid could be your choice. Find why?
An organization’s success in achieving its objectives depends heavily on its leadership. Today, organizations, whether private or public, for profit or not, need managers who can lead organizational change to help update and refine their processes, structures and technologies in order to achieve higher standards of quality, efficiency, and flexibility. Managers today need the skills to think critically, to make sound decisions, to communicate clearly, to solve complex problems, to work in a team and to exert influence. As part of this program, you will not only have the opportunity to learn about general business management, but also to concentrate on the area or industry that interests you. The area of expertise ranges from entrepreneurship, banking and cooperative management to insurance and risk management and sales and marketing.


Mission of BBM

  1. Develop the creative thinking, decision- making, leadership, communication skills of students and understand operations and change.
  2. Develop students ‘ understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation and manage dynamic business operations effectively.
  3. Prepare students to work as business managers and entrepreneurs for professional life.
  4. To create chiefs who are likewise pioneers.
  5. To produce Individuals having capacity to work in a group and lead development and change in the work environment
  6. To create capacity to think basically, convey unmistakably and take care of complex issues
  7. To create capacity to settle on sound decisions and choices
  8. To create comprehension of morals and more prominent social obligation
  9. To create comprehension of all parts of the board going from Operation, Human Resource, Marketing, Strategy and Accounting and Finance
  10. To create comprehension of Information Management and its job in present day business settings
  11. To create comprehension of the more extensive world: Politics, Economics, Society, Human Behavior and Business Environment.


Why BBM at Orchid?

  1. Our goal is to be a leading institution that provides students with creativity and establishes moral values and quality education so that they can face real life challenges with confidence.
  2. Along with having an excellent teaching faculty, We have been able to maintain the standard of being one of the top colleges in the country holding TU Toppers in various fields.
  3. We help students to recognize and to adapt to the challenges of a competitive world.
  4. Highly dedicated institution to build professional competence in students in order to acquire leadership positions.
  5. Our college has succeeded in giving students from various sections of society equal opportunities for excellent education..
  6. We impart in- depth knowledge of areas related to business and administration, which gives students a very different and insightful perspective.
  7. We are fully committed to giving those who want to specialize in accounting, marketing or management a brighter life.


Scope and Career Prospects of BBM in Nepal

  1. Develop students ‘ creative thinking, decision – making, leadership, communication skills and understand operations and change
  2. Develop students ‘ understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation and efficient business management in a dynamic business environment
  3. Develop expertise in different areas of management from human resources, marketing, operation, strategy, accounting and finance
  4. Develop the ability to make rational decisions about management problems.
  5. Prepare students for work as a business manager and entrepreneur by being fully aware of work ethics and morals.


Eligibility For Admission In BBM

The candidate applying for Bachelor of Business Management program must have:

  1. Successfully completed a twelve-year schooling (+2) or equivalent from any University, Board or Institution recognized by TU.
  2.  secured a minimum second division (45%) or minimum Grade 1.8 in each subject in 10+2.


Course Cycle

S.N Course Title Credit Hrs
1 Business Tool Courses 36
2 Business Foundation Courses 60
3 Focus Area Courses 15
4 Electives 9
5 PRJ 351: Project and Report Writing
Or Mgt 351: Internship
Total 126



S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1ECO 211 Introductory Microeconomics3
2ENG 211English I3
3MGT 201Principles of Management3
4MTH 211Business Mathematics I3
5SOC 201Sociology for Business3
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1ACC 201Financial Accounting3
2ECO 202Introductory Macroeconomics3
3ENG 212English II3
4MTH 212Business Mathematics II3
5PSY 201Psychology3
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1ACC 211Computer Based Financial Accounting3
2ENG 213Business Communications3
3FIN 211Basic Finance3
4SOC 202Nepalese Society and Politics3
5SIT 211Business Statistics3
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1ACC 212Accounting for Decision
2FIN 212Financial Management3
3MGT 202Human Resource Management3
4MKT 201Fundamentals of Marketing3
5RCH 201Business Research Methods3
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1ACC 213Corporate Taxation in Nepal3
2Focus Area Course I3
3MGT 203Organizational Behavior3
4MGT 205Operations Management3
5MGT 211Legal Environment of Business3
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1CACS 351Focus Area Course II3
2IT 232Database Management3
3MGT 206Business Environment in Nepal3
4MGT 207International Business3
5MGT 209Business Ethics, Social Responsibility3
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1 Elective Course I3
2 Focus Area Course III3
3 Focus Area Course IV3
4IT 211E-commerce3
5MGT 208Business Strategy3
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1 Elective Course II3
2 Elective Course III3
3 Focus Area Course V3
4 Project Report Writing Or Internship3


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