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(BSW) Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is an undergraduate level degree that is awarded to individuals who complete their 3 years in the field of social work. BA in Social studies (BSW ) is a 36 months fully fledged degree programme offered by Tribhuvan University. orchid International College is one of the top best College to provide BSW in Kathmandu Nepal. Though there are several government colleges in KTM that provide BSW faculty. orchid remains in TOP Position for best BSW Colleges in Kathmandu Nepal through its unique Teaching methodology, Interactive Classroom, regularly Field Visit, Camp and Social Activities.

Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW) is a professional approach to bring about change in the social and human behavioral understanding of the pupils. The curriculum includes courses on theory, research policy, and practice. Being a social welfare program, the course enables social interaction approach of the students and helps social work to flourish. The social workers (through an agency or organization) focus to deal with people in a fluent manner to solve complex, uncertain and contested social problems including personal and family problems. Thus, this bachelor’s degree produces licensed personnel with a regard to providing services to individuals, groups, families, and communities, with a focus on working with underserved or oppressed populations.

BSW Career

BSW, as an interdisciplinary subject, paves a career path for its students to become and achieve the goal as social activists. With the completion of the graduation, multiple jobs wait under the footstep of the students in various INGOs (International Non-Government Organizations) and NGOs (Non-Government Organizations).  These INGOs and NGOs emphasize the graduates work on the planned change or problem-solving approach that encompasses engagement, assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, and follow-up. BSW graduates are also employed in family service agencies, child welfare organizations, nursing homes, hospices, substance abuse programs, aging services, criminal justice agencies, schools, and more social welfare related fields.

In Nepal, several organizations are active in overall well being of underprivileged people and community where the problems arise due to violence, gender issues, abuses, and political, educational and unemployment issues. Basically, these organizations assign the students to get involved in these lines of work. Such organizations welcome the graduates for entry-level social work and helping progress people’s lives as well.

SCOPE  of  BSW in Nepal

  • BSW prepares the student for entry-level practices in the field of social work and helping progress people’s lives.
  • The BSW programme will make our students understand the concepts better and allowing them to become knowledgeable, sensible frontline workers in various areas such as child care, gender issues and other societal issues in general.
  • The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree provides individuals with the qualification needed to get employed with numerous Human Service Providing Agencies.
  • Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) is fundamentally a multidisciplinary course drawing theoretical concepts from different social sciences and instilling work values and principles in the students.
  • BSW mainly focuses on the individual and social problem that arise due to different kinds of violence, abuses, job difficulties, political and developmental issues and much more.

BSW as compared to other courses

In the era of ever-growing competition, the world is seeking social activists, who can enter into the real world of pain and justice and cure the wound of global citizens. In comparison with other courses, BSW is one and only the course which oaths to produce professional enthusiasts to serve for social equity. Besides all these, BSW technically sharpens the individual’s passions towards the study of human behavior and the application of system change in the society.

Why BSW at Orchid?

BSW (Bachelor’s in Social Work) in Orchid International College is a 36 months undergraduate degree affiliated to one of the globally recognized universities, Tribhuvan University (TU), which opens the door for you in the global placements. Orchid provides an integrated course inclusive of well-rounded methodologies to develop you as a versatile social worker. Not only the best teachers but also a meticulous blend of practical approach and theoretical knowledge is our key ingredients so, our students could sustain worth in the advocacy of social welfare. Besides, we prefer an affordable education in a lavishly growing world with the aim to reform you as a highly developed capable graduate to analyze social work practice, research skills, and theory development.

BSW Course Structure:

Social work course is fundamentally a multidisciplinary course drawing theoretical concepts from different social sciences, keeping social work values and principles at the care. Thus, Social work education focuses on a holistic and integrated method of practice rather than a reductionist approach.

Social work education is an attempt towards the building up of knowledge base necessary for the practice (through necessary classes) learning and refinement of skills *through concurrent field work) and imbibing necessary ethical value base (through various exposure; supervision and constant reflection process). Therefore, social work education can play a critical role in shaping up the overall outlook of an individual; preparing the self as an agent for social change.

Field Work

Fieldwork is an essential part of a social work program. The students are expected to undergo a minimum of 10hrs per week practical fieldwork. The students are evaluated on the basis of their attendance, application of professional skills in the field and reflection. The faculty/fieldwork supervisors, both from the institutes and agency. Besides this, this course intends to furnish the students with Report Writing, Individual Conference, Group Conference, Neighborhood Camp, Rural Camp, Urban Camp, Block Placement and so on.


Candidates applying for admission program must have successfully completed the PCL or 10+2 in business/commerce, Science or any equivalent course from any board or university recognized by Tribhuvan University.

Course TitleBachelor of Arts
SubjectSocial Work
Major English
Rural Development
Duration36 Months
Academic YearYearly
Evaluation MethodPercentage
Affiliated toTribhuvan University
FacultySocial Science and Development Studies

Curricular structure

Curricular Structure of Bachelor in Social Work (BSW)

First Year

  1. Compulsory English-1
  2. Compulsory Nepali
  3. Major English-1
  4. Sociology-1
  5. Mass Communication and Journalism-1
  6. Concepts and Principles of Social Work-1 and Field Work

Second Year

  1. Compulsory Nepali-II
  2. Major English-II and III
  3. Sociology II and III
  4. Mass Communication and Journalism II and III
  5. Methods of Social Work –II
  6. Integrated Social Work Practice-III
  7. Field Work
  8. Compulsory Nepali-II

Third Year

  1. Major English- III &IV
  2. Sociology III &IV
  3. Mass Communication and Journalism III &IV
  4. Social Welfare Administration-IV
  5. Research Methods in Social Work-V
  6. Field Work
  7. Functional Papers


Course CodeSubjectTheoryPracticalTotal
First Year
English I100-100
BSW301Major (S W I) Concepts & Principles of Social Work6040100
Major II100
Second Year
English II100-100
BSW302Major (SW II) Methods of Social Work6040100
BSW303Major (SW III) Integrated Social Work Practice6040100
Major II100
Major II100
Third Year
BSW304Major (SW IV) Social Welfare Administration6040100
BSW305Major (SW V) Research Methods in Social Work6040100
Major II100
Major II100
BSW306Functional Paper (VI) Development Perspective in Social Work100

Rural Development

PaperYearCode No.TitleTheoryPracticalTotal
IFirstR.D.311Rural Development Theories And Approaches8020100
IISecondR.D.312Rural Economy8020100
IIISecondR.D.313Rural Resources, Environment and Management8020100
IVThirdR.D.314Rural Sociology8020100
VThirdR.D.315Government, Institutions and Local Governance8020100
Fuctional Paper:
VIThirdR.D.316Rural Development Practices5050100

Journalism and Mass Communication

PaperYearCode No.TitleTheoryPracticalTotal
IFirstJMC.311Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication7030100
IISecondJMC.312Media Research7030100
IIISecondJMC.313History, Law, and Management of Mass Media7030100
IVThirdJMC.314Public Relations, Advertising and Media Issues7030100
Optional Paper:
VThird315Photography and Advanced Journalism7030100
VThirdJMC.315Radio Journalism7030100
VThirdJMC.315Television Journalism7030100
Functional Paper:
VIThirdJMC.316Journalism and Mass Communication8020100


PaperYearCode No.TitleFull Marks
IFIrstPSY.311Foundation Of Psychology100
IISecondPSY.312 ACommunity Psychology100
SecondPSY.312 BPsychology of Juvenile Delinquency100
IIISecondPSY.313Research Methodology100
IVThirdPSY.314Industrial & Organizational Psychology100
VThirdPSY.315Abnormal Psychology100
Fuctional Paper:
VIThirdPSY.316 AMilitary Psychology100
ThirdPSY.316 BAdjustment & Counseling100
ThirdPSY.316 CAdolescent Psychology100