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Which Colleges after +2 in Nepal | Professional courses in Nepal after 12 class

Deciding an appropriate career path after plus-two education is easier said than done.  Plus-two colleges have almost equal number of pass outs as compared to that of SEE students. However, when a student completes SEE, there are only a handful of options to choose from, but when it comes to a +2 (plus two) graduate, there really are a large number of alternatives. Although there is a sense of delight after the completion of high school, there also remains a big chaos of what is to come next in terms of education. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing undergraduate courses in Nepal and finding the one that suits best to your ability and interest is a tough task for anyone. Going abroad for the same is another alternative that has lured a considerably large number of high school graduates over the decades. Those who have a fascination for a foreign degree and can afford the university expenses apply for abroad studies in their chosen undergraduate course. But in recent years, the number of students opting for abroad studies after the completion of high school education has slightly declined. Thanks to the universities in Nepal for introducing a wide variety of undergraduate courses on many new fields and disciplines.

Let us highlight some Bachelor level courses in Nepal:

Science Courses in Nepal

There are many career options available for students who have passed out of high school taking up science courses. MBBS is the first ever choice and a dream career for students in Nepal completing their +2 (plus two) education in science, biology background. However, the road to becoming a doctor in Nepal is not an easy one as there is a fierce competition and everyone cannot afford to pay the high fees of medical courses.

After MBBS, Computer Science, IT and Engineering are other equally desired field of education in Nepal for science students with physics and Math as their core subjects in +2 (plus two).With MBBS and engineering being more expensive and easily inaccessible, the popularity of computer science and IT is increasing in the recent years and this has been supported by the growing number of private IT colleges opened in different parts of the country.

IT career and its Scope in Nepal and the World

The world is growing digital day by day, and IT has been embedded in our lives. We wake up to the sound of a digital alarm clock and at the end of the day slip into our bed with earphones inserted into our ears. Modern society is becoming more and more reliant on the use of technology and we can’t think of our life without it. Technology has changed the way we work and communicate. This automatically means there is a growing demand of experts in the field of Information and Technology.  This is the primary reason why IT has become one of the most popular subjects of choice for modern-day students.

Modern world has witnessed the IT revolution due to the advancement of knowledge in these disciplines. IT professionals who can make a difference are keenly sought after by different types of leading organizations throughout the world. So the prospect of careers in IT is reasonably good. Moreover, IT in Nepal is still in a crawling stage. Many corporate offices, educational institutions and mainly public enterprises are still running in traditional ways. They have not been able to incorporate IT into their daily operational activities. Once when they are digitized, a large number of IT jobs are likely to be created.

IT graduates can work in different industries like software industry, financial institutions, Health sectors, corporate organizations etc. Some of the popular IT courses in Nepal are as follows:


MBBS and Engineering were the only options left for science students even about a decade back. But the change in time and context has opened new areas of possibilities, and now even science students can join an information technology degree for their undergraduate studies. IT is a brand new subject when compared to the other majors available in Nepal. Earlier in Nepal, IT was practiced as a vocational course but in recent days, it has developed itself as a field of study in the name of Bachelors in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT). BSc CSIT is gradually gaining its popularity among science students for a number of lucrative IT careers it offers to them.

Management courses in Nepal

The scope of Management Study in Nepal

Traditionally, only students with comparatively poor scores and low grades opted for management courses while the high scorers automatically took up science. Today, the situation is changing. Management has emerged as one of the most sought after career options for students all over the world. It is no surprise that in line with the world phenomenon, in Nepal also management education has got its due emphasis with the emergence of many corporate sectors, such as banking, finance, insurance and many others.

The corporate jobs, fancy lifestyle and the respect they earn in the society have been attracting more and more students in the field of management nowadays. Some of the career options for management students have been highlighted as follows:


A course such as BBM (Bachelors in Business Management) can cater to the country’s need by producing human resources who are qualified and capable enough to manage and grow businesses creating a wide variety of job opportunities for youths.In Nepal, we are in need of trained and educated individuals who can help in creating and managing businesses. With the advent of large scale service organizations (hotels, banks, internet based companies/others) requirements of human resources have changed. Organizations, besides the technical staff, (engineers, CAs etc.) also need people with a broad base skill to manage & grow their business. These organizations today require young and flexible staff, who can understand the various facets of business whether it is sales, marketing, operations, accounting, human resource management etc. In this regard BBM has begun to be viewed as the best option these days. Management graduates these days prefer BBM over BBA since a BBM degree equips them with the best managerial skills.


BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) has constantly been one of the first and easiest choices of most of the high school Management graduates for more than one and a half decade.Although this is a course specifically designed and developed for students of management background, in recent days, students from science background are equally attracted to pursue their career in this course. BBA is a four-year course and is still valued as the topmost undergraduate degree in management field by banks and corporate houses in Nepal. Nevertheless, the concept is now slowly changing as there are many other competitive courses of management which offer more lucrative and promising careers for students.


(Bachelors in Business Studies) is a core management course that aims at producing good and dynamic managers, having the ability to handle responsibilities in all the sectors. Through this course, students will get a chance to obtain the knowledge of practical and reality based skills required to organize and manage the organizations of any form. The program offers specialization in different management and accounting courses such as General Management, Marketing Management, Finance Accountancy etc.  BBS still holds a charm among a large number of students in Nepal. Orchid is one of the pioneer college for BBS study in Kathmandu, Nepal.


BIM (Bachelors in Information Management) is an academic degree in information technology requiring four years of study to complete it. It is a combination of management and information technology courses, providing students with both managerial and IT skills. A graduation in this course opens a wide range of opportunities because of the fact that it produces human resources who are equipped with both management education and a good IT background. This has led to more and more students going for BIM courses these days. BIM has been equally popular even among students who have a high school graduation in science.


(Bachelors in Computer Application) is a technical course that aims at providing students with an advanced theoretical knowledge on computer science along with its application as the name of the course suggests. It is a four-year course running on semester system, and Tribhuvan University runs it under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. BCA graduates can apply for a number of IT and management related jobs such as System Analysts, System Managers, Database Administrators, Programmers in IT companies, Project Managers and many more. Information industries and manufacturing industries both in Nepal and abroad are always seeking to hire BCAgraduates. Orchid has running BCA course in Kathmandu since very long.

The Scope of Social Work Study in Nepal and the World

Social work is a Profession which helps people to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges such as poverty, discrimination, addiction, physical illness, divorce, unemployment, disability and mental illness. it helps to prevent crises and counsel individuals, families, groups and communities to cope more effectively with the stresses and the problems of everyday life.


A course in Social work like BSW(Bachelors of Arts in Social Work) not only focuses on theory, but also gives importance to practical aspects and life skills development. It not only gives the ideas to solve others’ problems but also one’s own problems. A Social Work degree enables the students to understand self, to develop capacity and the use of self while dealing with others.

Social Work is a young profession in Nepal. Social work as an academic discipline started in Nepal only in 1996. Now there are a number of colleges offering courses in social work all over the country. There is a broader scope of Social work in Nepal. Nepalese Social Workers can work in many NGOs and INGOs, and in numerous public and private agencies that serve individuals, families, groups and communities in need.

Social work graduates have a huge scope in foreign countries as well. The countries like Canada and the USA offer good job opportunities to young social work graduates from all over the world.

Selecting the Best College: Why Orchid?

The education system in Nepal is still based on traditional theory-based approaches.  There have not been any significant pedagogical changes except for some practical approaches adopted by some private schools and colleges, which have made their attempts towards the holistic development of an individual. Selecting a good college is a tough decision to make especially in a scenario where there is a college in every other street claiming to offer the best possible quality education. The quality of a college is not determined by the size and exquisiteness of its infrastructure set up though it may be one of the prerequisites. It should rather be determined by the value it tries to instill in students through the culture it has established as a legacy.

In this regard, Orchid college is distinctly different from others. Orchid always believes in value-based education. At orchid, students are not forced but motivated to learn. Most importantly, everyone who gets enrolled here feels at home. They never feel they are outside of their family. They can experience how it feels to learn and grow together as a team. Students at orchid never feel any kind of authority unnecessarily exercised over them. Everyone is friendly with one another. No matter what background students come from, once when they are in orchid, they find themselves transformed into better individuals and more importantly better human beings

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