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(BCA) Bachelor In Computer Application

Bca College In Kathmandu Nepal

BCA is a four-year undergraduate degree course in the field of computer applications or computer science.  After BCA the students can do further studies as MCA master in computer application. It is a common degree for CS/IT universities and is an alternative to the engineering counterpart, BE/BTech in Computer Science/IT which also takes four years. It is a technical degree that prepares students for a career in the field of computer applications and software development.

Bachelors in Computer Application( BCA)  is a four-year undergraduate degree course generally for students who wish to delve into the world of Computer languages. The course is one of the most popular option to get started with a career in Information Technology. A degree in BCA is at par with a B.Tech/B.E degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. For a BCA aspirant, this degree would help in setting up a sound academic base for an advanced career in Computer Applications. Generally, the basic course curriculum of BCA focuses on database management systems, operating systems, software engineering, computer architecture, web technology and languages such as C, C++, Java, Python etc.



The mission of the Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) program is to

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of Computers, Business environment and IT Applications in Business.
  • Successfully understand & analyze technical data to reach actionable conclusions, including technological solutions to the business.
  • Learn technologies & IT languages, so the business problems could be addressed.
  • Develop competent technical writing skills so as to enable the graduate to communicate business ideas to senior management and the general public.
  • To identify and sharpen their IT/ programming skills.


  • This course provides the necessary technical, scientific as well as basic managerial and financial procedures to analyze and solve real-world problems within their work domain.
  • With the completion of the BCA program, the graduates will have clarity on both conceptual and application-oriented skills in commerce, Finance & Accounting and IT Applications in Business context.
  • BCA program also provides improved communication and business management skills, especially in providing tech support.
  • After completing BCA the students can also go for Masters in the same course which is Masters in Computer Application (MCA), many can also opt for MBA (Masters In Business Administration).
  • Students can also opt for some specializations for Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA). Some of them are listed below.

Application Area of BCA in Nepal

  • Computer Graphics
  • Programming Languages
  • Database Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Word Processing
  • Internet Technologies
  • Accounting Applications
  • Animation
  • Music and Video Processing
  • Personal Information Management

There is no doubt that BCA is one of the best educational courses that one can go for and there are ample amount of opportunities for students studying BCA in the future. Someone who has studied BCA can join a software company or can also go for higher studies. In BCA subjects which are included are almost similar to that of students pursuing  BTech. Nepal and other countries many Multi-National Corporations are recruiting BCA graduates for their technical section.


  • In addition to an excellent teaching faculty, we have maintained the standard of being one of the top colleges in the country holding TU Toppers in different fields.
  • Our college is making a lot of efforts in producing well qualified and practically trained students who happen to be experts in their respective field (BCA in this case).
  • The Orchid College also prepares their students to be prepared for higher level education after  BCA within and outside the country.
  • Furthermore, our college focuses more on developing practical skills, teamwork and creativity through different programs.
  • Our college has been the destination for students from almost all the parts of the country like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Dharan, Itahari, Hetauda, Birtamod, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur,  Butwal, Mahendra Nagar.
  • ORCHID has a  very well-experienced and qualified team of determined faculty members with more than 20+ years of experience in their respective fields.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate applying for Bachelor In Computer Application program must have:

  • Successfully completed a twelve –year schooling or equivalent from any University, Board or Institution recognized by Tribhuwan University.
  • Secured a  minimum of second division(45%) or minimum C grade in all subjects in the twelve-year schooling or equivalent

Admission Criteria

Candidates who pass the entrance exam taken by the university will be interviewed and then selected candidate from the interview will be eligible for admission

BCA Credit Hours

Course TitleCredit Hrs
Computer Application(Core Courses)71
Elective Courses12
Mathematical & Management Courses9
Language Courses6
Social Sciences & Management Courses15
Projects & Internships13


S.NCourse CodeCourse Title
1CAPS476  Applied Psychology
2CACS477Geographical Information System
IT in Banking
4CACS479Hotel Information System
5CAER480Enterprise Resource Planning
6CACS482Knowledge Engineering
7CACS483Advanced DotNet Technology
8CACS484Database Programming
9CACS485Database Administration
10CACS486Network Administration

Semester Cycle

S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs.
1CACS 101

Computer Fundamentals &


2CASO102Society & Technology3
3CAEN103English I3
4CAMT104Mathematics I3
5CACS105Digital Logic3
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1CACS151C Programming4
2CACS151Financial Accounting3
3CAEN153English II3
4CAMT154Mathematics II3
5CACS155Microprocessor and
Computer Architecture
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1CACS201Data Structure & Algorithms3
2CAST202Probability and Statistics3
3CACS203System Analysis and Design3
4CACS204OOP in Java3
5CACS205Web Technology3
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1CACS251Operating System3
2CACS252Numerical Methods3
3CACS253Software Engineering3
4CACS254Scripting Language3
5CACS255Database Management System3
6CACS25Project I2
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1CASC301MIS and e-Business4
2CASC302DotNet Technology3
3CASC303Computer Networking3
4CAMG304Introduction to Management3
5CASC305Computer Graphics and Animation3
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1CACS351Mobile Programming3
2CACS352Distributed System3
3CAEC353Applied Economics3
4CACS354Advanced Java Programming3
5CACS355Network Programming3
6CAPJ356Project II2
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1CACS401Cyber Law & Professional Ethics3
2CACS402Cloud Computing3
4 Elective I3
5 Elective II3
S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hrs
1CAOR451Opreations Research3
2CAPJ452Project III6
3 Elective III3
4 Elective IV3