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(BBS) Bachelor In Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) incorporates management concepts & reality-based skills integrating them with the latest changes in the business environment. The programme concentrates on specialized areas such as accounting,  finance, human resource management, or marketing. It also builds a foundation in allied areas such as language,  economics, statistics, and law that help students to understand management practices & market needs. Because of the entrepreneurial skills & functional expertise nurtured,  graduates eventually become effective agents of change in society.

The BBS is a four-year Bachelor Degree program in business.

Minimum General Requirements

The minimum general requirements for the 4-years BBS programme are as follows:

-An academic year will consist of a minimum of 150 teaching days excluding the days taken for admission and annual examinations.

-The total instructional hours in an academic year will be 615 (150 days x 4:10 hours a day). For courses requiring field and practical works, additional hours of study will be required.

-There will be a minimum of five periods (i.e. class hours) each teaching day. The campuses running morning or evening shifts will also be required to meet this minimum class requirement.


Attendance, Evaluation and Grading System

-The student must have a minimum of 70 percent attendance of the classes actually held.

-No student will be allowed to appear in the second year final examinations without first appearing in the first year final examinations.

The grading system in the annual examinations is as follows:

-Third Division 35 Percent

-Second Division 45 Percent

-First Division 60 Percent

-Distinction 75 Percent


Graduation Requirements
The BBS programme extends over three academic years and the BBS degree is awarded on its successful completion. All candidates for BBS degree must fulfill the following requirements:

-The successful completion of 2000 marks as prescribed with passing grades in all the courses.

-The passing scores obtained in all theory and practical components of the course separately.

-Completion of courses for the fulfillment of BBS programme must occur within the time limit as prescribed by Tribhuvan University