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orchid collage memberOrchid Internatonal College (OIC) afliated to Tribhuvan University, was established in 2010 AD and promoted by a group of experienced and dedicated academicians, computer engineers, management professionals and reputed sofware company of Nepal. The goal of the college is to provide a high quality educaton that will enable the students to embrace the challenges of the modern world and establish the foundaton for a

orchid collage buildingsuccessful future.The college focuses much on management and informaton technology in its academic voyage along with main essentals of capacity building such as experimental and experiental learning; rigorous need based training, practcum and case diagnosis.

The heart of OIC’s educatonal excellence is the strong network of IT expert, reputed management professionals, collaboraton with branded business houses, highly qualifed and experienced faculty members and caring administratve stafs.

Mission  Orchid Internatonal College has as its highest priority on student learning and achievement. As Orchid Internatonal College prepares world class citzens of the twenty-frst century, we recognize that the aim of educaton is the development of the whole person, who is prepared to be an actve citzen and to partcipate in a global community.

Students are focused to think critcally and creatvely, and learn to develop efectve communicaton and argumentaton skills. Passions are ignited and they learn to draw new connectons, share experiences, and become responsible citzens.About orchid collage

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